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Talking Autism offers services that are tailor made to the specific needs of your child and family.
Autism can be isolating and lonely both for the child on the spectrum, and his or her parents.

At Talking Autism we work to help your child improve their communication and social skills.

Learning to communicate is the start of the journey. Where appropriate we will help your child into mainstream education and the national curriculum. This will include liaising with other professionals involved with the child such as educators, healthcare professionals and your Local Authority.

What is Applied Behaviour Analysis? (ABA)

Applied Behaviour Analysis is an evidence-based intervention developed from a branch of science called behaviour analysis. ABA uses the principles of this science to analyse the “why” of behaviour. It is used to increase learning across all areas of an individual’s life.

What is Verbal Behavioural? (VB)

Verbal Behaviour is an approach to ABA. VB uses the principles of ABA (to teach children with language delays) incorporating the findings of B.F Skinner’s VB Therapy will motivate your child to learn language by connecting words with their purposes. Your child will have fun and learn new play skills all while learning to communicate be it through vocals, sign language, voice output devices and other augmentative communication systems.


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Talking Autism

If you want to talk to us about ABA/ VB Resources or indeed any way of dealing with autism then do get in touch with us.

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