At Talking Autism I offer two services. I set up and provide ABA/VB programmes in schools and in the home. I also have an online shop selling a small range of specialist products of which I am the sole UK supplier.

My success is based on nearly 20 years working in the field of ABA VB. I have extensive training including time spent at the Carbone Clinic in New York, USA. I can provide references and/or put you in touch with former clients.

I can set up a home programme for your pre-school or school age child, train and find and supervise tutors and help you liaise with school or nursery setting. I have particular experience in integrating ABA into mainstream educational settings and working alongside all professionals involved with your child to promote success.

Teaching functional language to a vocal or non-vocal child is my passion and I can integrate TalkTools, PROMPT, Nancy Kaufman Speech kits and Proloquo2Go into your child’s programme when needed under the guidance of trained professionals. I am fluent in sign language as this can often be used in learners with emerging language to promote vocals and/or an augmentative communication system.

Working with your child

In some cases I deliver one-to one therapy sessions to your child. Please enquire about my rates.

ABA/VB for Language

My passion is teaching children to communicate using vocals or sign language. The best results will normally come from tapping into your child’s natural motivation and via play. I have knowledge of incorporating TalkTools and PROMPT into ABA programmes as well as Nancy Kaufman Speech Praxis kits that can improve speech clarity in some children.

ABA/VB for Play and Social Skills

As your child learns to communicate, his or her play skills will improve alongside. With increased language communication and adaptive play skills you will normally find that any problem behaviour will begin to decrease too.

ABA/VB for Eating and Sleeping

Your child’s self-help skills will be targeted as part of their VB/ABA programme. We will work on improving vital independence skills, including eating for those with limited food preferences and sleep training for those children who need it.

I work with children of all ages between 2 and 16, and my greatest experience is with pre-school and primary age children. By working with children of this age, I can help with their integration into school. By helping children to focus, they are better able to follow the national curriculum or a differentiated version of it.

I am able to train your ABA team at home or in the school setting. I also collaborate with OTs and SALTs and I will integrate their objectives into your child’s ABA programme.

Getting the right treatment, funding and schooling for your child can be a battle. I have 18 years experience of writing comprehensive reports in support of parents and many years as an expert witness at SEN tribunals.

I also have experience of working with adults with autism and developmental delays.

Talking Autism

If you want to talk to us about ABA/ VB Resources or indeed any way of dealing with autism then do get in touch with us.

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